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  • Jenn Jones

Pride Month: A Call for Inclusivity and Community Care

As a disabled queer person, Pride Month brings mixed emotions. On one hand, it's a time to celebrate our identities, histories, and the progress we've made. On the other, it reminds me of the grief and frustration of being forgotten by society. The chronic illness and disability that shape my daily life often feel invisible to those around me, especially as COVID-19 safety protocols fade away.

Pride was born out of resistance. It was a riot, a protest led by queer and trans folks who demanded recognition and rights. Our community was once deeply rooted in mutual care and support, ensuring that no one was left behind. As we gather to celebrate Pride, it's crucial to remember this legacy of solidarity and protection.

The accessibility of our spaces—or lack thereof—speaks volumes about who is truly welcome. Many of us who are chronically ill or disabled are left out due to inaccessibility and the absence of COVID safety measures. This exclusion is not just a personal grievance; it’s a painful reminder that society often overlooks our needs and rights.

In these challenging times, masking is more than just a health measure; it's a symbol of care and solidarity. Wearing a mask at Pride events shows that we prioritize the well-being of our entire LGBTQIA2S+ family, including those who are most vulnerable. It's a small act with a powerful message: we keep us safe.

As the world moves on, we cannot afford to leave each other behind. Our commitment to community care must endure. By wearing masks and advocating for accessible spaces, we honor the spirit of Pride and the ongoing fight for inclusivity. Let's ensure that our celebrations are truly for everyone, reflecting the diversity and resilience of our community.

Remember, love is love, and care is care. This Pride Month, let's mask up and stand together, keeping our chronically ill and disabled siblings safe and included. Our strength lies in our unity, and our commitment to each other will carry us forward.



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