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Peer Support

Our Peer Support Groups, including Empower Hour Peer Support and Queer Peer Support, provide invaluable connections and support on your healing journey. Whether you're navigating mental health challenges, grief, chronic illness, eating disorders, or substance use, we offer a supportive and accessible space to connect with others who can relate. Experience the transformative power of peer support.

All groups and 1:1 sessions are held on HeyPeers platform. Click the registration button or the image to access the registration page.

Eating Disorder Peer Support Group

Looking for a supportive community where you can connect with others who are navigating similar challenges with body image, body grief, disorder eating and eating disorders? Join our Eating Disorder Peer Support Group, where you can share your experiences and foster healing in a nonjudgemental and supportive space. As someone who has lived experience I understand the importance of community healing and I invite you to join us.

Eating Disorder Peer Support Group
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Queer Peer Support

In addition to my standard services, I'm excited to introduce discounted queer peer support sessions tailored specifically for marginalized queer individuals. This safe and inclusive space is designed for you to come as you are, where we can chat, share, and navigate resources together. We'll explore topics including queer joy and queer grief, offering support and understanding. Embrace your authentic self in our one-on-one sessions. Reach out today to schedule your session.

Empower Hour Peer Support

In our Empower Hour Peer Support sessions, I serve as your compassionate guide, creating a sacred space for us to check in, hold space, and explore resources together. In addition to co-creating recovery plans and identifying your strengths, we can also do art activities and set goals collaboratively. I truly believe you are the expert in your own life, empowering you to lead a self-directed journey aligned with your authentic self. If you're ready to embark on this empowering journey, reach out to book your personalized 1:1 session.

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