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Warmlines + Police Free Crisis Lines



Need to talk?  Warmlines can be a good place to start. 

What's a Warmline?  A warm line is an alternative to a crisis line that is run by “peers,” generally those who have had their own experiences of trauma that they are willing to speak of and acknowledge. Unlike a crisis line, a warm line operator is unlikely to call the police or have someone locked up if they talk about suicidal or self-harming thoughts or behaviors. Most warm line operators have been through extreme challenges themselves and are there primarily to listen. A warm line has the purpose of reducing hospitalization and forced treatment, being a cost effective and non-intrusive, voluntary intervention.

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Crisis Lines Ensuring Police-Free Support

• Trans Life Line 

(877) 565-8860

Available 24/7

"Trans Lifeline is the nation’s only crisis and peer-support hotline, staffed by trans people, for trans people. And unlike other hotlines at our scale, we don’t engage in nonconsensual intervention– our callers will never have emergency services called on them without their consent."


• Call BlackLine

(800) 604-5841

Available 24/7

"Call BlackLine® provides a space for peer support, counseling, reporting of mistreatment, witnessing and affirming the lived experiences for folxs who are most impacted by systematic oppression with an LGBTQ+ Black Femme Lens.
Call BlackLine® prioritizes BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color). By us for us."


• Wildflower Alliance

(888) 407-4515 

By phone every day:
7pm to 9pm ET (Monday through Thursday)
7pm-10pm ET (Friday through Sunday)

"Our peer support line is answered by a trained peer supporter who has their own first-hand experience with psychiatric diagnosis, trauma, addiction, and/or other interrupting challenges. This line does not collect personal information, perform assessment, or call crisis or the police."


• Fireside Project

(623) 473-7433 (call or text)

Everyday 11am-11pm PST

"The psychedelic peer support line provides emotional support during and after psychedelic experiences. The Psychedelic Support Line is staffed by rigorously trained, compassionate, supportive volunteers from diverse backgrounds who listen deeply and from a place of non-judgment."



• StrongHearts Native Helpline 

(844) 762-8483

Available 24/7

"StrongHearts has become a lifeline to Native American and Alaska Natives impacted by domestic and sexual violence by offering a culturally-appropriate, anonymous and confidential service available 24/7 nationwide. By calling or texting 1-844-7NATIVE (762-8483), or chatting online at survivors, family, friends and partners questioning their own behavior can connect with StrongHearts advocates who provide support and advocacy."


• LGBTQ National Hotline

888-843-4564 (general, call or online chat)

888-234-7243 (senior-specific)

800-246-7743 (youth-specific, 25-and-under)

888-688-5428 (coming out support)

One-to-one Online Chat:

"All of our support volunteers identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ family, and are here to serve the entire community, by providing free & confidential peer-support, information, and local resources through national hotlines and online programs."



• Thrive Lifeline

Text “THRIVE” to 313-662-8209

Available 24/7 through text

"We are experienced suicide interveners who will help keep you safe during times of acute mental health crises. If you are not in an acute crisis, but are dealing with stress as you navigate identity, orientation, or barriers to academic and professional entry, we can help! We are here to support your whole-self and we’re happy to help you during these troubling times."

THRIVE Lifeline offers 24/7/365 judgment-free, confidential text messaging to individuals aged 18+.


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