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  • Love in the Trenches (LITT™):  LITT™ offers support groups, recovery resources, private peer counseling, and education to parents of those who suffer from substance use disorder and to individuals who have lost a child or sibling to this disease. LITT™ is committed to erasing the stigma of shame associated with SUD through work in harm reduction and education for all members of the community.

  • Grief Recovery After Substance Passing (GRASP):  GRASP was created to offer understanding, compassion, and support for those who have lost someone they love through addiction and overdose.

  • SADOD (Substance Abuse Death Outreach and Education):  SADOD provides resources, information, and assistance to people throughout Massachusetts who have been affected by the death of someone they care about from a substance-use-related cause. The focus is on increasing the capacity and effectiveness of peer grief support for bereaved people, frontline care providers, and people in recovery or struggling with drug use.

  • The Sun Will Rise Foundation:  The primary focus of The Sun Will Rise Foundation is to provide free peer grief support for those who have experienced the devastating death of someone they care about due to substance use (drug/alcohol) or overdose. The foundation understands the profound impact that grief can have on individuals and families and acknowledges the unique challenges and feelings that surround these types of losses.

  • Mugwort + Rose:  Community based Death Care and Grief Support.  Classes on herbs for grief, grief and herbal workshops, spells for grief and free zines and much more.  

  • NAB Tools And Resources for Being with Grief & Heartbreak: Words, tools, & resources for being with grief & heartbreak.  Including digital shareables, excerpts, and free E-books. 

  • What's Your Grief: Exploring the complexities of grief, offering insights and coping strategies.

  • Modern Loss: A platform sharing personal stories and experiences of navigating life after loss.

  • Barr-Harris Children’s Grief Center: Providing counseling services to bereaved children and families.

  • The Dougy Center: Providing a safe place for children and families grieving a death.

  • Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS): Compassionate care for those grieving the loss of a military loved one.

  • Reimagine: Reimagine hosts community-driven experiences that bring creativity, connection, and essential conversation to communities around the world.  Let's reimagine loss, adversity, and mortality, and channel life's challenges into meaning and growth.

  • The Dinner Party: The Dinner Party is a platform for grieving 20-, 30-, and early 40-somethings to find peer community and build lasting relationships.


  • National Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children:  The National Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children provides support and resources to parents who have experienced the unimaginable loss of a child due to homicide. Their mission is to offer a supportive community and assistance in navigating the challenges that arise in the aftermath of such tragedies.

  • American Association of Suicidology:  The American Association of Suicidology is dedicated to the understanding and prevention of suicide. They provide education, resources, and support for individuals affected by suicide, as well as professionals working in the field of suicide prevention.

  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention:  The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is a leading national organization focused on understanding and preventing suicide through research, education, and advocacy. They offer support for those affected by suicide and work to raise awareness about mental health.

  • Alliance of Hope for Suicide Survivors:  The Alliance of Hope for Suicide Survivors provides healing support for individuals who have lost a loved one to suicide. Through online forums, resources, and community engagement, the organization aims to create a safe space for survivors to share their experiences and find comfort.

  • Missing Pieces – Support:  Missing Pieces – Support is a platform offering support for those dealing with the complex issues surrounding missing persons. The organization provides resources, a community forum, and assistance for individuals and families coping with the emotional challenges of a missing loved one.

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