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The Body Grief Coach: Guiding Your Journey to Wellness, Recovery, and Soulful Embodied Healing

Welcome to The Body Grief Coach, a space where healing is embraced, struggles are understood, and transformation is ignited. I am your companion on this journey towards wellness, offering compassionate guidance based on a deep understanding of life's intricate challenges.

My Journey, My Mission:

"The Body Grief Coach" arises from my personal odyssey, a realization born out of the recognition of the absence of dedicated support for those intertwining grief with the complexities of our bodies. My own encounters with mental health trials, trauma, substance use, and an eating disorder, as well as the intricate dance with disability and chronic pain, catalyzed a profound mission within me. This mission is rooted in providing specialized, understanding support. The name itself symbolizes the refuge I offer—a sanctuary nurtured by both personal encounters and professional expertise.

Guiding You Through Healing:

Marrying the realms of grief coaching and health and wellness coaching, I empower my clients with empathetic guidance and a toolkit for navigating grief's tumultuous waters. Within this unique fusion, healing finds its nourishing ground. I extend an invitation for you to join me on this voyage of transformation, an odyssey where grief is fearlessly examined, healing is warmly embraced, and self-worth is wholeheartedly reclaimed.

A Personal Commitment:

As your guide toward healing, my commitment is to be a supportive presence by your side, providing insights and guidance. With a background as a certified health and wellness coach, certified grief coach, and a person with lived experience, my purpose is clear: to lend you my unique blend of expertise and lived experience, helping you navigate the twists and turns that life presents.

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More Than Certifications:

But my story doesn't start with certifications; it begins with personal experiences that have shaped my empathy and insight. I've faced mental health challenges, journeyed through trauma's labyrinth, grappled with substance use, and confronted an eating disorder. The complexities of disability and chronic pain have also been part of my path, giving me a profound understanding of the intricate struggles we all endure.

Creating a Safe Haven:

My mission is to create a safe haven, a sanctuary where you can explore and process your grief and find what wellness means to you. Here, we'll unravel the threads of pain and weave them into a tapestry of resilience. Together, we'll uncover the path to your most empowered and authentic self – a self deserving of love, acceptance, and healing.

Your Transformation:

Embracing change is never easy, but it's the essence of growth. As we walk this path together, we'll embrace lasting transformation. The journey isn't just about healing; it's about nourishing your entire being – mind, body, and soul. Through making mindful choices and embracing well-being-centered approaches, we'll kindle a fire of well-being that burns brightly in every facet of your life.

Your Ally in Progress:

Your transformation is my ultimate priority. Your progress, victories, and even setbacks are steps on the path we navigate together. Guided by empathy and a passion for your flourishing, I am committed to being your steady presence, your confidant, and your ally.

Thank you for entrusting me with your journey. Let's embark on this transformative expedition hand in hand, forging a path to a more vibrant and empowered existence.

Certifications & Trainings:

Certified Grief Coach
Certified Health and Wellness Coach
EDIT™ I - Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

Certified Trauma Support Specialist

Death Doula/Death Midwife

  • DeathWives

    • Death Doula 101

    • Home Funeral 101

    • Environmental Death

    • Rituals & Ceremonies 101

    • Community Griefwork

    • Death Doula 201

    • DeathSchool 

  • Nine Keys Apprenticeship Alumni 

Grief Immersion for Death Workers

    (Facilitated by Will Daddario, PhD and Joanne Zerdy, PhD)

Alternatives to Suicide Facilitator

   (Wildflower Alliance)

Mad Maps & Transformative Mutual Aid Practices 

Emotional CPR 
Peer Support Specialist 

Body Trust® Groundwork Program

Eating Disorder Harm Reduction Course with Gloria Lucas 

Lived/Living Experience:

Chronic illnesses including chronic pain and fatigue
Disabled and mobility aid user
Mental Health Challenges 
Substance Use 
Domestic Violence Survivor/Intimate Partner Violence Survivor

Eating Disorder

Childhood Trauma

Self Injury


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