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A Sacred Space to Pause, Rest and Release

Welcome to Sacred Pause Yoga, your sanctuary for rest and renewal. Our classes are designed to meet you exactly where you are on your healing journey. We understand that the body carries the weight of daily stresses, trauma, and grief, which can result in chronic pain and illness. That's why we offer trauma-informed approaches to create a supportive space for you to take a break and find your own sacred pause. Join us today and experience the power of embodied healing.

Sacred Inclusivity

Welcoming You as You Are

What sets me apart is my commitment to creating a space where you can be yourself, whatever that means to you. I offer classes that are inclusive and tailored to the needs of our community, so you can feel comfortable and supported in your practice. My focus on body neutrality and trauma-informed principles means that I recognize the unique needs of each individual and honor those needs in every aspect of my work.

Q: What is Sacred Pause Yoga with The Body Grief Coach?

A: Sacred Pause Yoga with The Body Grief Coach is more than a yoga platform; it's my holistic online wellness sanctuary. Founded with passion and dedication, I specialize in trauma-informed, adaptive, and accessible yoga classes, firmly rooted in principles of disability justice and inclusivity. My mission goes beyond conventional practices – I operate based on mutuality, accessibility, and a commitment to centering disabled and chronically ill individuals. I embrace body neutrality, creating a supportive space for everyone to be authentically themselves. Sacred Pause is a restful haven designed for both relaxation and meaningful connections.

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