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Grief Coach | Death Midwife | Community Wellness Practitioner

Looking for a holistic approach to your healing journey? Look no further than The Body Grief Coach. Offering a range of services that combine a healing-centered approach, trauma-informed yoga practices, grief coaching and holistic peer support to help you heal from the inside out. Discover a holistic approach to embodied healing by checking out these services today.

Yoga Equipment

Yoga for All Bodies

1 hour  /   $25- 50

As a Registered Yoga Teacher, I specialize in trauma-informed, accessible, adaptive, and size-inclusive yoga. I believe that yoga is healing and is for every body. Through my sessions, we can work together to regulate your nervous system to support your healing journey. Each session is sacred, and to make them accessible to everyone, they are held virtually.

Embodied Wellness Coaching
Image by Aleksandr Ledogorov

Embodied Wellness Coaching

1 hour  /   $25-50

Are you feeling stuck in your life or navigating anxiety, stress, burnout or disordered eating? I offer Embodied Wellness Coaching sessions that can help you find your way forward. Together, we'll work on identifying areas of your life that you want to improve and develop a plan together to help you achieve your goals. Let me guide you towards improving your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Grief Support
Person staring at the moon

1 hour  /   $25-50

As a Grief Coach and Death Midwife, I understand that grief is complex and can stem from various life transitions and losses. I use a holistic approach that supports those navigating grief beyond death loss, including disenfranchised grief, ambiguous loss, bodily bereavement, and challenging life transitions. My goal is to provide comfort and guidance to grieving souls through personalized support.

Peer Support Groups
Hand reaching out

1 hour  /  Free - $5

Our Peer Support Groups are an excellent resource for those seeking connection and support in their healing journey. Whether you're dealing with mental health challenges, grief, chronic illness, eating disorders, or substance use, we offer a supportive and accessible space to connect with others who can relate. Join us for one of our upcoming groups and experience the transformative power of peer support.

Workplace Support Solutions
Home Office Study

Contact for Pricing

Looking to nurture a more supportive workplace environment? Our Workplace Support Solutions are crafted to assist workplaces in cultivating cultures that are more attuned to grief and trauma. Guided by our experienced facilitator, we provide grief-informed workplace trainings and collaborate in constructing grief-supportive spaces within workplaces. Additionally, our trauma-informed, accessible yoga classes offer care staff a moment to pause, placing their well-being at the forefront to combat burnout. Reach out today to uncover how our services can elevate your workplace.

Take the First Step towards Healing

Interested in learning more about my practice, or how I can help you on your journey towards healing? Please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Disclaimer for Services Provided by The Body Grief Coach

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