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Workplace Support Solutions

At The Body Grief Coach, we specialize in offering Workplace Support Solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. From providing grief-informed workplace trainings to creating supportive grief spaces within your workplace, our services are designed to cultivate a compassionate and understanding environment.

Our facilitator provides trauma-informed accessible yoga classes, offering a holistic approach to employee wellness and burnout prevention.

All our programs are developed and led by individuals with lived/living experience, ensuring a deep understanding and empathy for those navigating grief and trauma. Whether you're seeking virtual or local services in Middle Tennessee, we're here to support you.

Contact us today to discover how we can assist your workplace in becoming more grief-informed and trauma-aware.

Please note: Duration varies based on group size, and pricing is available on a sliding scale basis.

Grief-Informed Workplace Training

Our Grief-Informed Workplace Training equips organizations with the knowledge, skills, and resources to create supportive and compassionate work environments that recognize and respond to grief and loss among employees.

Key Features

  • Compassionate Environment Creation: Creating supportive and compassionate work environments that recognize and respond to the impact of grief and loss among employees.

  • Skills Development: Equipping organizations with the knowledge, skills, and resources to effectively support employees experiencing grief, whether due to personal losses or collective experiences.

  • Addressing Various Causes of Grief: Providing guidance on supporting employees experiencing grief related to personal losses, as well as collective experiences such as social injustice, systemic violence, natural disasters, or community tragedies.

  • Policy Development: Assistance in developing policies that promote a grief-informed workplace culture.


  • Supportive Culture

  • Increased Awareness

  • Foster Resilience & Well-being

  • Policy Alignment 

Building Grief-Supportive Spaces Workshop

Dealing with grief can be a difficult challenge, especially in the workplace. However, our Building Grief-Supportive Spaces Workshop is designed to help. Our compassionate team understands that staff members deal with secondary trauma and grief, and we are here to provide a supportive and understanding environment to process emotions and build a community that can help foster real healing.

Key Components

  • Facilitated Grief Groups: Safe spaces for employees to process grief together under professional guidance.

  • Healing Rituals: Incorporating vigils and rituals to foster communal mourning and reflection.

  • Individual Grief Coaching: Tailored one-on-one sessions for personalized support.

  • Compassionate Workspaces: Strategies to cultivate supportive environments for ongoing grief support.

  • Client Loss Support: Addressing the impact of client losses on employees' emotional well-being.

  • Crisis Processing: Providing a dedicated space for employees to navigate complex emotions amid ongoing crises.


  • Reduced Burnout

  • Improved Employee Well-being

  • Enhanced Connection

  • Positive Organizational Culture

  • Increased Organizational Resilience

Whole-Body Wellness: Inclusive Yoga for Workplace Resilience

Our Whole-Body Wellness: Inclusive Yoga in the Workplace is tailored to support harm reductionists, peer supporters, mental health providers, medical professionals, substance use treatment providers, and care staff on their path to resilience and well-being. Whether you're grappling with grief, burnout, secondary trauma, or simply seeking to prioritize self-care, our classes are designed to be accessible to all. Join us to cultivate a culture of community care within your workplace and foster holistic well-being.

Key Components

  • Trauma-Informed Approach

  • Accessibility and Adaptability

  • Community Building

  • Stress Reduction and Self-Care


  • Improved Well-being

  • Enhanced Team Cohesion

  • Decreased Burnout

  • Promotion of Inclusivity

Liberated Anti-Carceral Crisis Response Training

Experience a transformative approach to crisis intervention and support with our Liberated Anti-Carceral Crisis Response Training. Unlike traditional models rooted in punitive and carceral systems, our approach challenges the status quo.

Key Features

  • Compassionate Crisis Intervention: Providing compassionate and non-coercive responses to crises related to substance use, mental health, and social distress.

  • Principled Foundation: Built upon harm reduction, community care, and abolitionist frameworks, ensuring a holistic and supportive approach to crisis response.

  • Transformative Impact: Empowering individuals and communities by offering alternatives to punitive and carceral responses, fostering healing and resilience.


  • Shift away from punitive responses to crises.

  • Foster healing and resilience within communities.

  • Provide compassionate and effective support for individuals experiencing crises.

  • Challenge traditional models and advocate for systemic change.

*This workshop is done in collaboration with Nashville Community Crisis Response (NCCR)

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