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  • Jenn Jones

From Labels to Liberation: A Survivor's Tale

In a world that often pathologizes the human experience, where labels seem to define us, it can be an exhausting journey just to exist. The grief that comes from navigating this world as a human, reduced to mere categories, can feel overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be this way.

For much of my life, I was distilled down to a set of labels, institutionalized, medicated, and subjected to countless forced hospitalizations. The trauma I endured was palpable, and the damage inflicted upon me was at times permanent. It was a system that left me powerless, voiceless, and trapped.

But then, against all odds, I stumbled into a therapist's office who saw me for more than my labels. They believed in my abilities, my potential for growth, and my capacity for healing. It was a pivotal moment, a ray of hope breaking through the dark clouds of despair that had engulfed me for so long.

Prior to this turning point, it felt like no one was truly listening. I was reduced to those harmful labels, and worse, I was told that I would never be able to "function in society." These limiting beliefs were forced upon me, and I carried them like heavy chains. Unlearning these beliefs would prove to be a challenging but transformative process.

The journey towards shedding labels, for ourselves and others, is ongoing. It demands a commitment to challenging the status quo, advocating for compassionate and individualized mental health care, and supporting those who've faced similar trials.

My story bears witness to the inner strength required to navigate a world filled with harmful labels and oppressive systems. It serves as a reminder that the human spirit is unyielding. We transcend our labels, rising above the sum of our experiences, and possess the potential for healing and growth when offered the support and belief we deserve, even when facing entrenched systems.

In a world that often pathologizes the human experience, let us strive for a future where compassion, abolition, and peer support reign. A future where we can all be seen, heard, and valued for the unique individuals we are, liberated from the confines of labels and restrictions.


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