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  • Jenn Jones

Scorched Melodies: A Soul's Meltdown

Content warning: self-injury.

It is hard to not give up

Voice shaking, heart racing, head spinning

I don’t want to show you my self.

I don’t know if I should share this part of me with you

But I need you to know.

I need you to see me, hear me, understand me

The outbursts just mere reactions

The old familiar feeling of not being heard, not being seen


The fears within me screaming, clawing to get out

Stigma tells me there is no hope for me.

Difficult, crazy, manipulative, uncooperative, resistant

Stereotypes etched into my brain

Words scribbled in my chart by another white coat

As I carve sadness and despair into my upper thigh

These emotions sting and singe

Feels like walking around with third degree burns on my skin

Coping skills are a trial by fire.

I know it can feel like walking on coals sometimes

But I need you to know how painful it is

To feel this way, to burn this way

If you see the smoke please don’t turn and walk away

Leave me to burn to the ground.

I am tired

But I believe I am more than this

More than just some diagnosis.

-Jenn J.



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