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  • Jenn Jones

Redefining Recovery: Embracing Diverse Pathways to Healing

Updated: Jan 12

Recovery is not a one-size-fits-all journey. For many of us, it's a deeply personal path that evolves over time. I'm a person who embarked on my recovery journey almost two decades ago, and today, I want to share with you the empowering concept of 'redefining recovery.'

It wasn't until I found a therapist who wholeheartedly supported and respected my autonomy that my journey took a remarkable turn. This therapist empowered me to explore what truly worked for me, and it was nothing short of life-changing. Through her guidance, I learned that I was more than just a label; I possessed the innate power to redefine recovery on my own terms and discover what truly worked for me.

Embracing Multiple Pathways

I started my journey in the rooms of a 12-step program, a place where countless individuals have found solace and support. However, as the years passed, I discovered that my recovery was taking a different shape. What used to work for me was no longer enough. This realization was both liberating and transformative.

Today, my recovery journey is a tapestry of diverse pathways. It's about being open to change and embracing what works best for me at different stages of my life. I no longer see recovery as a rigid, one-way street but as a meandering river with many streams to explore.

The Validity of All Pathways

One of the most beautiful aspects of 'redefining recovery' is that it recognizes the validity of all pathways. Every approach to recovery is meaningful and significant. Whether it's the 12-step program, harm reduction, mindfulness, therapy, or a combination of these, each journey is unique and worthy of celebration.

The Power of Harm Reduction

Personally, I strongly believe in harm reduction as an essential facet of recovery. It's not just a strategy; it is recovery in action. Harm reduction acknowledges that recovery is a process, not a destination. It's about making progress, one step at a time, and acknowledging our efforts, no matter how small.

Defining Our Recovery

In the realm of 'redefining recovery,' we have the power to define our journey. We get to choose whether we count time or not, whether we follow a specific framework or create our own. We become the experts of our own recovery, drawing from our unique experiences, challenges, and triumphs.

Meeting People Where They Are

In this inclusive approach to recovery, we don't leave anyone behind. We meet people where they are, extending a hand of understanding and support. We become beacons of hope for those just beginning their journey, offering guidance and empathy.


'Redefining recovery' is a concept that has breathed new life into my journey. It's a reminder that recovery is a dynamic, evolving process that can encompass a variety of pathways. It's an invitation to celebrate our individuality, honor our choices, and support one another with warmth and authenticity.

I extend this invitation to you, dear reader.

I invite you to explore the idea of 'redefining recovery' in your own journey. Embrace the pathways that resonate with you, and remember that your recovery is uniquely yours. Together, let's build a community of understanding, compassion, and growth.

If these words have sparked a resonance within you, if you find yourself yearning for a deeper exploration of your own recovery journey, I am here to support you.

If you feel moved to delve deeper into your recovery, to explore the uncharted territories of your healing process, I invite you to book a discovery call with me. In our conversation, we can explore the nuances of your unique experience, creating a personalized roadmap to your redefined recovery.

Your journey towards redefining recovery is a testament to your strength and resilience, and I am here to walk beside you every step of the way.

To begin your transformative journey, click here to reach out to me or email me directly at



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