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  • Jenn Jones

Finding Comfort and Support During the Wait for Test Results

Lately, I've been actively reaching out to folks and strengthening my support network. A recent conversation with a friend really resonated with me.

They asked a simple yet profound question: "How can I best support you through this?" It got me thinking.

I opened up about the anxiety I'm grappling with as I await the pathology report from my latest surgery. Those moments of panic? They're all too familiar. My mind tends to fill in the gaps with worst-case scenarios.

But then my friend asked, "When you're feeling overwhelmed, what words would be most comforting to hear? Is there something specific I can remind you of?"

It made me pause and reflect. What I've come to realize is that simplicity and authenticity are key during tough times. I need validation for my fears, but I also crave grounding in reality. It's okay to feel scared and to cry—I just need to be reminded that I have the resilience to weather the storm and there are people to catch me if I fall.

And you know what's been helping me cope? Finding joy in the little things, exploring new hobbies. But let's be real, this journey is a rollercoaster of learning and unlearning.

Some days, I find myself succumbing to societal pressure to always be productive, but I'm slowly unraveling that mindset. Recently, I attempted to return to work, only to be reminded by my body that I need to take it slow.

So, here I am, embracing this process as it unfolds—allowing myself to cry, to rest, to lean on others for support. Above all, it's about being honest about where I am and letting others walk alongside me on this journey.



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