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  • Jenn Jones

Embodied Empowerment: Navigating Healing Journeys with Collaborative Care

Embarking on a healing journey is a sacred endeavor, especially when one carries the weight of lived experiences involving forced treatment and involuntary commitment. In this reflective narrative, I invite you into a realm where autonomy is not just respected; it is cherished, where collaboration becomes a beacon of hope, and personal growth is an intimate dance with self-discovery. As an Embodied Wellness Coach, Grief Coach, Space Holder, Peer Supporter, Advocate, Liberatory Harm Reductionist, and someone intimately familiar with the struggles of mental health, I share the transformative impact of a collaborative and mutual approach in therapeutic relationships.

A Journey of Transformation

From Survivor to Supporter

In the echoes of my own journey as a psych survivor, I discovered the profound value of mutuality. Becoming a Peer Supporter was not just a role; it became a mission to redefine the narrative. This transformation laid the foundation for my work as an Embodied Wellness Coach, where every individual is seen as their own expert, their autonomy honored and held sacred.

Valuing Autonomy in Coaching Practice

In my role as a coach, I've witnessed the transformative power of autonomy. As an Embodied Wellness Coach, Grief Coach, and Peer Supporter, I bring a unique lens that recognizes the inherent wisdom within each person. Autonomy isn't just a principle; it's a guiding light, a source of strength that paves the way for profound healing.

The Struggle for Autonomy

Trusting Intuition Amidst Silence

I understand the struggle of trusting one's intuition after enduring silencing. It's a journey through shadows, where voices have been hushed, leading to feelings of hopelessness and aimlessness. Reclaiming autonomy becomes an intricate dance, a process of unearthing one's voice from the layers of suppression.

Meeting You Where You Are

As an Peer Supporter and Liberatory Harm Reductionist, I recognize the importance of meeting you right where you are in your healing process. Your unique struggles are acknowledged, and the impact of past experiences is held with compassion. This collaborative approach becomes a supportive embrace, allowing you to set the pace for your own healing.

The Role of Mutual Support

A Sacred Space for Healing

In my coaching practice, creating a sacred space for healing is not just a concept; it's a commitment. As a space holder, I ensure that this space is a sanctuary where your experiences are validated, where trust and connection blossom. It's a space for the exploration of your intuition, fostering a deep sense of self-trust in the journey toward well-being.

Feedback as Empowerment

Feedback, in my approach, is not a directive but a tool for empowerment. As an Embodied Wellness Coach and Peer Supporter, I offer insights with your consent, fostering collaboration and shared decision-making. Your agency in this process is paramount, as it becomes a collaborative endeavor toward your personal growth.


This journey from surviving to thriving is a testament to the transformative power of collaboration, mutual support, and the unwavering belief in individual autonomy. As an Embodied Wellness Coach, Grief Coach, Space Holder, Peer Supporter, Advocate, Liberatory Harm Reductionist, and someone who has navigated the depths of mental health struggles, I extend a guiding hand. In our shared space, we celebrate the authenticity of your journey, embracing the hope that blooms when autonomy is honored, and collaborative care becomes a catalyst for profound healing.

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