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  • Jenn Jones

Inclusivity in Yoga: My Journey of Healing, Recovery, and Finding an Accessible Space

Have you ever heard the well-meaning advice, "Have you tried yoga?" It's a question that often comes our way when we're navigating the complex landscapes of mental health challenges, trauma, substance use, eating disorders, or chronic pain. It's as if the mere suggestion of yoga holds the promise of fixing it all—a one-size-fits-all solution to life's complexities.

I want to be clear; I'm not here to tell you that yoga is a magical cure-all. The journey of healing is uniquely yours, and it's layered, complex, and very much real. Sometimes, it can feel like the suggestion of yoga overshadows the depth of what we're experiencing, like a well-intentioned platitude that doesn't quite grasp the weight of our realities.

Yet, I'm also here to share a piece of my own journey—a journey where, amid the noise of spiritual bypassing and toxic positivity, I found a space where yoga became a source of transformation. It wasn't a quick fix, and it certainly wasn't a cure for everything, but it became a vital thread in the fabric of my healing journey.

Yoga Beyond the Stereotype

When people ask, "Have you tried yoga?" it can be frustrating because it seems to oversimplify the struggles we face. It's essential to acknowledge that yoga is not a universal panacea, and it won't erase the complexities of our experiences. However, my story is a testament to the power of accessible yoga—an approach that recognizes the real and diverse needs of individuals.

The Shift: From Toxic Positivity to Inclusive Healing

Accessible yoga brought about a shift in my perspective. It wasn't just about contorting into pretzel-like poses; it was about finding a community that embraced me as I am. I wasn't just a person with a list of struggles; I was seen, valued, and included. This shift from toxic positivity to inclusive healing was transformative.

Healing in Community

Yoga became a bridge to community—an essential aspect of the healing journey. It wasn't about being judged for not touching my toes or mastering complex poses. It was about being part of a collective journey, where each person's path was acknowledged and respected. Healing in community became a powerful force—one that recognized the strength in our shared stories.

The Power of Being Seen and Valued

In the realm of accessible yoga, I found a space where I was not defined by my challenges. I was seen for my resilience, my vulnerabilities, and my capacity for growth. Yoga became a practice where I could be centered and valued for the entirety of my being.

It's Not Just Yoga; It's the Inclusive Experience

So, the next time someone suggests yoga, I invite you to consider it not as a cure-all but as a possible part of a holistic journey. It's not just about the physical postures; it's about the inclusive experience that recognizes the depth of your journey.

Healing is multifaceted, and it unfolds differently for each of us. Yoga is not about fitting into a mold but about creating a space where you can unfold, explore, and find strength in community.

With solidarity and warmth,

Jenn J.

A Fellow Traveler on the Healing Path



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